postcards from vietnam

August 2015 – Postcards from Vietnam

It’s the second Thursday of the month so that means it’s time for another installment of “I Do What I Want”! Last July, I spent about 3 weeks in Vietnam visiting my best friend from college and it was an incredible journey. In addition to meeting wonderful people, eating amazing food, and seeing new places, music was a constant thread throughout my trip. Every day was a new opportunity to have fun and create. I played music with groups of people and by myself, in music stores, at open mics, in the countryside, on the beach, and in the streets. So for the month of August, “Postcards from Vietnam” is my way of inviting you along to retrace some of that journey with me.

I remember when I was packing to leave and I told myself, “I’m not bringing any musical instruments with me, and I’m not going to buy any when I’m there, I can always borrow one from somebody, no big deal”.

I (of course) bought a new ukulele within hours of landing in Saigon. This video is of me playing that ukulele in the music store right before I bought it. The song is a mashup of the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” and “With Strangers” by Little Joy. A big shout out to the music store clerk for his contribution, it was really fun how everything came together.